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Five Powerful Habits Confident Women Practice

Lack of Self-confidence is a common problem so many professional women face. Self-doubt can cause second guessing of decisions, especially when managing others. Based on our experience in this area, below are five tips that confident women practice.

5. Confident Women Have Clear Goals and a Defined Path on How to Achieve Them 

Most goal-oriented women, especially professional women typically have a list of tasks that they want to accomplish. While professional aspirations are essential, they don’t hold much merit without an action plan in place to achieve them. Confident women write down their list of future achievements but they also map out the necessary next steps to accomplish them. Goals without timelines are just dreams; therefore, it is important for confident women to make sure that they execute plans to reach their full potential.

4. No Matter What, Confident Women Display Positive Body Language

It is important to display confidence even when you aren’t completely self-assured about a task or assignment. This is especially essential early on in your professional career. Yes, you should always come well prepared for any meeting or zoom call as much as possible, but sometimes you WON’T have all the answers. That’s OK. Confident women are aware of this fact and will not allow themselves to be professionally compromised because they are unsure of themselves. In business, body language is key and a woman with high self-esteem will exude self-assuredness whether they have all the answers or not.

3. Confident Women are Aware of their Strengths and Weakness

Knowing important strengths and weaknesses allows confident women to approach their work with intent, celebrate what they are able to accomplish, and improve on weaknesses. Moreover,  knowing one’s own strengths and weaknesses provides a better understanding of how to utilize both for an advantage.

 2. Self-Aware Women Know the Importance of a Powerful Appearance 

Every woman has at least one powerful workwear outfit that allows them to feel confident, powerful, and like they "owns the place." Although we know that confidence is far more than physical appearance, it is also understood that any little boost in confidence such as a power suit, a beautifully tailored dress, or a classy pair of work heels further encourages women to feel their best. Investing in your professional appearance no matter what job position you hold is key!

1. Confident Women are Intentional about Using Positive Words in Conversations and Refrains from Negative Self-Talk

It’s just human nature that we as humans are far more likely to respond to positive words than negative ones. A confident woman uses positive words in her conversations to build herself up and others around her. She refrains from negative self-talk or putting down others in order to feel good about herself.  Confident women inspire people to be their best selves and pays very little attention to negative thoughts, behaviors, or attitudes. 

Did we miss any important points? Do you have any points of emphasis you would include on this list? If so, please comment below!

--CareerChic Consultants 

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