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Five Powerful Habits Confident Women Practice

Lack of Self-confidence is a common problem so many professional women face. Self-doubt can cause second guessing of decisions, especially when managing others. Based on our experience in this area, below are five tips that confident women practice. 5. Confident Women Have Clear Goals and a Defined Path on How to Achieve Them  Most goal-oriented women, especially professional women typically have a list of tasks that they want to accomplish. While professional aspirations are essential, they don’t hold much merit without an action plan in place to achieve them. Confident women write down their list of future achievements but they also map out the necessary next steps to accomplish them. Goals without timelines are just dreams; therefore, it is important...

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How to Cultivate a Positive Professional Image at Work

Hey CareerChic women, let’s talk about developing a professional image. For some that may not be familiar with the term, a professional image is a way you represent yourself in the workplace. It depends on several factors but mostly focuses on how you act at work, your professional attire, and your overall attitude. A polished professional image can give you a real advantage in the workplace, as people will show respect for you and the work you produce. A positive professional image is essential to any career and here are a few suggestions for consideration when cultivating an image. 1. Pay Attention to your Body Language. Body language is just as important as verbal communication. When speaking to people, make...

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